Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

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MORE ON MARSHALL MCLUHAN even to be reconsidered today round about the cyberspace

ENVIRONMENTS ARE NOT PASSIVE WRAPPINGS, but are rather actıve processes which are invisible ANTIENVIRONMENTS, OR COUNTER SITUATIONS MADE BY ARTISTS PROVIDES MEANS OF DIRECT ATTENTION AND ENABLE US TO SEE AND UNDERSTAND MORE CLEARLY çevremiz tümüyle edilgin bir giysi gibi olmayıp, görünmeyen fakat etkin süreçler olarak düşünülmelidir... çevreye karşı çıkan olağan dışı durumlar ancak sanatçılar tarafından üretilen işlevsel nitelikli, dikkat çekici ve olayları daha iyi belirleyen eylemlerdir.

(1. quotation from medium is the massage mc luhan, 2. blogspots.com is new and practice is a must... below 10 recent pc graphics prepared with random methodology will be exhibited 4u)

McLuhan, Baudrillard and Cultural Theory

Instructor: Gary Genosko

Lecture One: Introduction

Note: bibliographic references are embedded as links in the text of the lecture. To read the footnote, simple click on the link and you will be taken to the end of the lecture to the corresponding information. To get back to where you were, click on the link at the end of the footnote.

For better and for worse, a McLuhan renaissance is in full swing. Although most of his books are out of print and his journals such as The Dew-Line Newsletter and Explorationshave acquired rare book status in some quarters, Marshall McLuhan, a thinker of the end of the book, is at home in today's electronic environments, where he has been firmly and very much posthumously ensconced, and elevated to the status of, in some instances, a saint. He is, to be precise, a patron saint of Wiredmagazine and a regular virtual sidekick of Camille Paglia. In order to understand why McLuhan is again on the menu, McLuhan, Baudrillard and Cultural Theory considers the diffusion and lasting effects of his ideas primarily in France and secondarily in Québec. My first step in understanding McLuhan today is, then, to place him in historical perspective among the francophones. The French reception of McLuhan cannot, of course, be isolated from his international influence in the 1960s and 1970s. Further work needs to be done on his influence in Japan, for instance, with special attention given to the debates over the relevancy of the "cult of McLuhanism" in the Tokyo press recounted to McLuhan in unpublished correspondence by Kenichi Takemura (MP.38-80). From the very outset it needs to be stated that these series of lectures do not Frenchify McLuhan but, rather, concern themselves with the McLuhanization of French intellectuals and media workers interested and operating in communications and media in general. These lectures also owe a debt to the rhetoric, still very much in evidence, of figuring French intellectuals as if they were in some manner equivalent to McLuhan or 'French McLuhans'.

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This is a blogpost.com as a new media whereabouts we really want to introduce many quotations from McLuhan of 40 yrs ago. At that time the new technology had influenced everybody, he claimed to be a prophet to concentrate on many problems. Now the nanotechnology is here. The cyberspace all around us. Art is important. We will continue reminiscing these probes of mcluhan somehow, if possible with feedbacks from you

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